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Log Book Audits

How We Can Help

Trained and approved by the DOT for auditing procedures we can provide you with an unbiased and impartial audit.

What We Do
  • Perform a complete logbook audit according to our audit form that is in compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier and National Safety Code Guidelines.

  • Supply you with detailed remarks that will help the driver better understand the government rules and regulations.

  • Copy all hours violations and are available for any questions you or your drivers may have.

  • Offer quick turnaround time so that your drivers can apply their updated information to the next months logs.
Having Trouble With Log Book Compliance?

We offer an in-class training course for drivers that are struggling with following the rules and regulations or for those that simply want a refresher. We are willing to accommodate your needs, with a classroom that fits up to 10 people and a flexible schedule that allows you to choose when works best to complete the training.

Our comprehensive course covers the application of the Federal Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulation, proper logbook keeping and logbook requirements application of exemptions and permits, and more!

A certificate of training is provided to the driver upon completion of the course.


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