About Us

Who We Are

Prompt Transportation has been operating for over 25 years. Owner Nancy Berns has been in the transportation industry for even longer. Trucking is in her blood, in fact the first vehicle she ever drove was her brother’s semi. Over the years Nancy has become an expert at all things transportation and has developed a network of invaluable contacts internationally. When not in the office, Nancy is either doting on her grandkids or on the beach at Lake Koocanusa with family.

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You can find Nancy’s daughter, Montana, in the office when she’s not in school or helping her husband with his business at the Calgary Farmer’s Market. A jack of all trades, Montana has been in the office since she could walk, and helping clients shortly after. Whether you need important documents safely submitted or someone to sit on hold with the government for hours, she’s your gal.


Marcy is our resident expert at hours of service audits. This Badlands beauty can catch any discrepancies when scouring daily logs and pre/post trip inspections. Also offering Hours of Service courses, Marcy can teach and certify your drivers to protect your company in the event of an audit. Tip: if you want in her good books, ask her about her grandbaby or dogs!


Fuel tax guru, Anne, works tirelessly to ensure your mileage and fuel are properly reported for each IFTA quarter. This Armenian firecracker has been a Prompt employee and go-to fuel tax expert since it’s conception and she has the knowledge (and patience) to prove it.


Kassey, pronounced “kay-see” (yeah, we don’t get it either) is the newest addition to Prompt. This ball of sass wears many hats acting as a helping hand around the office. From sending out IFTA renewal reminders to assisting with fuel tax at the end of a busy quarter to updating the Prompt website, she does it all. You can find her in the office when she’s not busy with school, or when she’s running low on money.

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Drum roll please… Last but certainly not least… the Employees of the Month for the last 25 years and the goodest boys around: the office dogs. Nacho and Tucker are the official Prompt greeters, welcoming clients with wagging tails. They are also Prompt security. Taking their job very seriously they protect other employees from potential dangers, such as leaves blowing in the wind and the Fedex guy (sorry!).


Jokes aside, Prompt employees are trained in all aspects of the trucking industry, and are therefore capable of completing any tasks you may need done. We do this for your convenience and to ensure the success of your company.


Why Choose Us

As a local family business we appreciate the intricacies of the economy and the needs of fellow Calgary families. We understand that the needs of both your family and ours are at stake. This creates a greater sense of commitment and accountability. Our long term commitment has led to a better understanding of the industry, exceptional organization and efficiency, and stronger client relationships.


Our business practices are convenient for our clients. That means we are open, available, or accessible when you need us. We are located in the heart of the industrial area with plenty of parking available, for you and your big rig. Come on in to meet our knowledgeable and friendly staff!